As with the other High School subjects, practical solutions are the order of the day. Difficulties in these subjects generally have one of two root causes: either a short-term struggle with jargon or particular concepts, or a more systemic difficulty with reading (modern, high school science courses are largely intensive reading subjects).

No matter the specific cause, our approach is the same. We realize that your student needs immediate improvement in his grade, both because high school grades count, and from a motivational perspective. Rather than have your student take time off from school for reading and math assessment tests, before any grade recovery begins (as our competitors do) we are more pragmatic.

Initially, (often the same day you first call) we’ll work with your student on her current assignments, homework and test preparation, making sure she gets every point she can right now. Next, we’ll work on past due work that can be finished for credit or make-up. After we’ve recovered as much of her grade as we can, we will diagnose areas of weakness and begin review, aiming for solid understanding of the subject matter.

Rather than feeling tutoring is an additional burdensome “activity” piled on his already busy schedule,  our goal is to return time to your student through productive use of his time with us. He’ll finish more and understand better with our clear explanations and supportive environment where we can assure that he understands the material. Your students will get more done, with higher comprehension, in less time.