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Accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission, Big Brains Education is the Eastside’s first choice for personalized, knowledgeable, effective college application essay writing tutoring.

Our students have received multiple acceptance letters from top universities, including:

Big Brains Education offers college application essay writing tutoring private lessons to help students maximize their scores. We believe that every student learns differently so we customize every course to build strengths and minimize weaknesses.

Our intensive one-on-one counseling designed for the student who needs to write applications, build his resume and/or create winning essays. Whether your student has a case of writer’s block, needs help expanding on an idea, or would like a little expository guidance, our writing tutors can help. Our tutors, will help your student explore and effectively articulate his or her voice for application essays or other writing assignments.

Big Brains writing tutors work with your student in-person or by phone, email, or internet video, including Skype. We do not write essays for students, though our tutors do make detailed suggestions for content, structure, style, tone, diction, and grammar. Big Brains writing tutors ensure that your student will have the support he or she needs until he or she feels the essays are ready for submission.

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