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2019 Robotics Summer Camp in Redmond and Bellevue Washington


Everything You Need to Know About This Year’s VEX Robotics 2019 Summer Camp

Every summer, Big Brains Education holds the VEX IQ and VEX EDR Robolab Summer Camps. We offer the best robotics camp in Redmond and Bellevue, and the success of our very own W.A.S.A.B.I Robotics team in various big competitions attests to that fact.

This year, we will be offering three summer camp sessions for VEX IQ and VEX EDR. You can download a copy of our brochure here. The schedule for each session is as follows:

If your kids are interested in learning more about VEX robotics, we invite them to attend our summer camp in Bellevue, Washington. Our program focuses on producing winning roboteers, and it could very well be the stepping stone they need to compete in the nationals and worlds championships.

You can enroll in any of our camp sessions by going to our signup page here. Don’t forget to use the code 60OFFROBOTICS2019 to get a $60 discount when you enroll! We have limited slots per session so secure your seat today.

What is VEX Robotics?

VEX Robotics provides both teachers and students an avenue to teach and learn robotics in an accessible, engaging, and versatile way. The VEX Robotics system promotes STEM learning through robot kits that encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity.

VEX IQ Summer Camp

VEX IQ is a platform that immerses students in the fundamentals of STEM through robot-building. This robotic system boasts a snap-together framework that structures advanced concepts in a way that is accessible and easy to digest for beginners. It is designed to naturally encourage collaboration, leadership, and problem-solving for children as young as second grade.

VEX IQ makes use of a hands-on approach to learning that suits younger students. It establishes the fundamental skills and thinking necessary to advance in the field of robotics in such a way that simply cannot be matched by traditional teaching methods.

VEX IQ electronics take innovative and top-of-the-line technology, such as quadrature encoders and current monitors in every Smart Motor, and package it so that both beginners and experts will be able to gain new knowledge and skills from it.

VEX IQ summer camp also serves as the foundation for advancing to VEX EDR. VEX EDR involves more advanced lessons, but it still makes use of the building fundamentals and programming styles that are taught in VEX IQ summer camp.

VEX EDR Summer Camp

VEX kits are designed specifically to nurture future problem solvers.

By making full use of the appeal of building robots, the VEX EDR system immerses students in STEM concepts—concepts that students will master and eventually automatically apply throughout the duration of our VEX EDR Robolab summer camp program.

The VEX EDR system was specifically devised to promote creativity in problem-solving. This easy-to-use platform enables both beginners and experts to harness a fruitful learning experience from the system. Beginners will learn to build basic robots in just a matter of hours, which enables them to enjoy a sense of accomplishment right away.

The platform uses versatile construction elements that make way for diverse opportunities for growth and infinite design possibilities. VEX provides multiple avenues to accomplish the same goal, therefore taking out the frustration in engineering.

For instance, VEX’s structure encourages questions like “what will happen if we switch these attachments?” instead of “why won’t this piece attach?”

10 Long Term Benefits of Summer Camp

1. Summer camp encourages kids to develop new interests

There’s always something precious to gain from a new and productive hobby. While kids always have the option to pursue unique interests in school—that is, in the form of clubs or extra classes—not everyone has the bandwidth to take on all the responsibilities that come with it.

Camp, on the other hand, isn’t as demanding but is just as enriching. What’s more, pursuing a new interest in school isn’t as distraction-free as going to a camp.

2. Summer camp gives students a chance to have a fresh start

Whether we like to admit it or not, kids tend to be categorized into certain stereotypes in school. At one point, we all have been given labels such as “the quiet one,” “the lazy one,” or “the teacher’s pet.” Unfortunately, it could be hard to break free from these stereotypes once our peers have gotten used to these labels.

Going to camp, however, allows kids to reinvent themselves. Participants simply don’t throw labels around due to the new environment. People see kids according to who they are right now, and not based on some reinforced image that may or may not be grossly outdated.

3. Summer camp offers intensive skills training

Yes, schools do have their own special clubs, classes, and activities that allow students to learn new skills—but camp does the same, but at a deeper level.

Camp participants are immersed in a highly-focused skills training—as opposed to a school setting where kids are expected to divide their focus to accommodate various subjects and activities.

4. Camp lets students meet like-minded friends

Summer camps involve multiple weeks of activities that all revolve around a single theme or interest. Needless to say that if a kid decides to attend that camp, they must be really serious about it.

Camp pools like-minded students together and lets them participate in activities that you simply don’t get to encounter with your “usual” circle of friends. What’s more, they get to do these activities with each other without the fear of failure—therefore encouraging them to really get out of their comfort zone.

5. Summer camp stimulates both the mind and the body

If you have spent an entire summer lounging at home, then you’re probably familiar with summer brain drain. It happens because for two whole months, we don’t get the mental stimulation we get while we’re in school. Going to camp fixes this problem as it keeps your brain engaged throughout the summer. It also ensures that kids get enough physical activity (Yes, our camps at BBE provide plenty of outdoor time).


6. Summer camp encourages kids to become more independent

No matter how much parents promote independence in the household, nothing beats learning about it firsthand. Going to summer camp gives kids time away from their parents and lets them understand the amount of thought that really goes into every single decision they make in a day.

7. Summer camp builds confidence

Attending a camp entails participating in various activities—all of which have their own desired outcomes. Successfully achieving these outcomes reinforces kids’ confidence—and we all know what a healthy amount of self-esteem can do to a child’s development.

8. Camp creates an environment for unrestrained creativity

The whole point of summer camp is to try and learn new things. Everyone is pretty much on their toes and excited to get immersed in new knowledge and skills. With this, kids feel more comfortable with expressing their creative ideas because they know that they’re all just trying to improve what they already know. Failing grades—or any kind of grade, for that matter—do not exist, either, which removes boundaries that are fueled by fear.

9. Summer camp makes kids more resilient

By enhancing your child’s skills, instilling a stronger sense of confidence and independence, and letting them meet new friends, summer camp gives your kid internal support that’s strong enough to make them more resilient.

10. Summer camp is a great way for your kid to enjoy and have fun

And, of course, the oldest reason in the book: going to camp is fun. However, it’s always best to instill the idea that camps are more than just a way to get entertained. We won’t lie, Big Brains Education’s robotics camp in Bellevue is tons of fun, but it’s also a prime avenue to boost your child’s skills and reinforce their interest in science and technology.

What Is Big Brains Education’s VEX Robotics Summer Camp Like?

As with any type of experience that involves meeting new faces, the first day of summer camp might feel like how you would feel towards your first day in a new school. It’s normal to feel a bit nervous at first—you’re about to embark on a brand new journey with unfamiliar people, after all. However, know that this anxious feeling quickly fades.

In BBE’s VEX Robotics summer camp in Bellevue, Washington, we maintain an upbeat and friendly atmosphere. Newbies are always welcomed with warmth and enthusiasm.

This cloud of nervousness quickly turns into a relaxed-yet-challenging atmosphere, where like-minded friends hang out and bond with each other. Our summer camp invites the feeling of belongingness. It’s not uncommon to hear students remarking how they have found their tribe because of the camp.

Summer camp lets your child dive into an interest for a span of days or weeks.

No matter what interest it is, your child will be able to pursue it fully and without distractions during the camp.

You’re basically giving them the freedom and resources to explore their passion—to focus on it and it alone. Of course, there will be breaks and some blocks of free time, but the bulk of the day will be allotted for activities that will let them enrich their interests.

Summer camp, on the other hand, is NOT like school. It has a more collaborative environment that encourages creativity, problem-solving, and initiative—all without the fear of being marked as a failure.

We’ve all heard this before, but our schools don’t necessarily reflect how the real world works. Summer camp definitely approximates the structure and nature of the real world better by providing a hands-on learning experience.

Finally, summer camp is a launch pad—a valuable platform for its participants’ projects, plans, and visions, where meaningful peer networks are formed and fruitful experiences are shared.

The activities of our robotics camp in Bellevue may end on its last day, but that day could mark the beginning of something even bigger. Summer camp gives your kid a valuable peer network that they can get in touch with for future projects, internships, or even a full-blown business.