SAT Prep
According to the College Board, the SAT assesses reasoning and critical thinking skills in three key areas: math, critical reading, and writing. The College Board also says that an SAT score predicts how likely you are to do well in college and reflects knowledge and skills that you have developed in your coursework. While this may be true, the SAT in large part is also a test of how good you are at taking standardized tests. Either way, the SAT is a critical element in the college admissions process. How will you prepare?

Big Brains offers Private Lessons and Small Group–Individualized Classes to help students maximize their scores. We believe that every student learns differently so we customize every course: building strengths and minimizing weaknesses.

Our standard course length is 18 hours long with, at least, 2 full-length practice/diagnostic tests. However, we customize every course to fit your needs; focusing on areas of weakness. Point score gains of 200+ are the norm for most students. (Obviously, test takers with very high levels of proficiency originally, can’t make such large gains).

The PSAT is a great way to gauge your strengths and weaknesses before the SAT, but a great score also gives you recognition (never a bad thing), a chance to enter the competition for National Merit Scholarships and most importantly, often Merit Aid at your chosen University. Don’t discount the importance of being prepared for this–-if you are a potential candidate, now is the time to begin preparation! If you’re not a potential honoree, it’s best to simply treat this as a practice.

SAT/ PSAT Tutoring Program

Our Prep programs offer:

  • Customized lesson plan to meet your individualized needs
  • Flexible schedules (we know how busy you are and will work around your commitments)
  • Expert feedback on College Prep, Test Prep and the Admission Process
  • Focused homework between lessons to ensure retention
  • Custom-built analysis tools to better diagnose your strengths and weaknesses (view Snapshots of our Custom Diagnostic Grading Module)

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