The Best Summer Camps in Bellevue and Redmond

Accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission, Big Brains Education is the Eastside’s first choice for personalized, knowledgeable, effective summer camps.

Big Brains Education offers a great lineup of science, robotics, and academic summer camps where imagination and critical-thinking abilities are developed in a safe and supportive environment.

Our collaborative and immersive programs are designed to help kids build self-motivation and confidence while they work with experienced coaches. Campers are encouraged to explore their passion and test scientific concepts and applications through hands-on learning. All of our programs are based on a comprehensive curriculum guaranteed to provide an enriching summer camp experience.

VEX IQ Robolab Summer Camp (Ages 7-11)

VEX IQ is designed to expose students to STEM fundamentals within the context of building a robot. VEX IQ is a snap-together robotics system designed from the ground up. By packaging advanced concepts into an accessible package, the system also naturally encourages teamwork, problem solving, and leadership for students as young as second grade!

VEX EDR Robolab Summer Camp (Ages 12-15)

The VEX EDR system harnesses the excitement of building robots to immerse learners in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) concepts. The VEX EDR platform was designed from the ground up to encourage creativity in problem solving. Easy-to-use system enables effective learning for both beginners and experts (ranging from secondary school to university). Beginners can get immediate sense of accomplishment by building basic robots in just a few hours.

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