Top VEX EDR Robotics Class in Bellevue and Redmond

Accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission, Big Brains Education is the Eastside’s first choice for personalized, knowledgeable, effective VEX EDR Robotics class.

Our students have received multiple acceptance letters from top universities, including:

Big Brains Education offers VEX EDR Robotics class private lessons and small group–individualized classes to help students maximize their scores. We believe that every student learns differently so we customize every course to build strengths and minimize weaknesses.

As the kid’s said: “As a team, WASABI has emphasized cooperation in terms of the design process. We don’t really think of ourselves as three separate sub-teams (A, X and Z) but rather as a single team that’s building three robots. We don’t hide any ideas from each other, but rather throw them out for discussion in humongous email chains hundreds of messages long. Not only that, but after every single tournament, all of WASABI sits down in front of a whiteboard and discusses what went well, what went badly and short-term/long-term plans for all three robots. We strongly urge other teams to adopt similar design philosophies, as we believe this approach has been instrumental to our success.”

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