We aren’t the Champions, but we’re close!

Bellevue, WA,  April 23, 2013:  WASABI Robotics, our in-house VEX Robotics League team is back from the VEX Robotics World Championships. After three days of competition at Worlds our results:

9th out of 84 in the Arts Division (8-2-0 qualification record)
-Picked by 1st seed 2921B from New Zealand for play-offs.
-Went on to become Arts Division Champions
-Earned the Create Award for innovative chassis design
Placed 4th in the World after the Round Robin finals!

1st out of 84 in the Engineering Division (10-0-0 undefeated qualification record)
-Went on to become Engineering Division Champions
Placed 3rd in the World after the Round Robin!

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1492AAll in all, WASABI came home with three giant trophies and two banners for our efforts! Another super productive year for a fabulous group of kids.

As the kid’s said: “As a team, WASABI has emphasized cooperation in terms of the design process. We don’t really think of ourselves as three separate sub-teams (A, X and Z) but rather as a single team that’s building three robots. We don’t hide any ideas from each other, but rather throw them out for discussion in humongous email chains hundreds of messages long. Not only that, but after every single tournament, all of WASABI sits down in front of a whiteboard and discusses what went well, what went badly and short-term/long-term plans for all three robots. We strongly urge other teams to adopt similar design philosophies, as we believe this approach has been instrumental to our success.”

Next year is looking interesting as 11 of our 17 members will be graduating and moving on to College. However, we have a group of six kids with at least a year of WASABI under their belts and one more well-trained youngster rising up from our FLL team. We plan to continue the legacy of this fine group of robotieers. If you have a middle- or high-schooler that is interested in Robotics and is ready to work HARD to win, give us a call, we may have a place for them!

Front Row (Left to Right): Kevin Li, Andrew Aday, Julie Eng, Willie Tang, Isaku Kamada, Kevin Tam, Grace Hsieh, Sahana Cidambi
Back Row (Left to Right): John Ma, Franklin Shi, Winston Wright, Andy Tang, Akash Gupta, Patrick Hsu, Raymond Tam, Ryan Badiee